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No matter what your job is, your feet might be barking at the end of a long workday where your feet are forced to stay in shoes all day.  If you have to keep your shoes on all day, you might as well get as comfy as possible. However, you don’t have to sacrifice style in the name of comfort. Hallelujah!

Here are 3 tips to stay comfortable and cosy during the workday while also keeping your feet in style.

Go for Low to No Heels

We all love wearing heels now and again, but let’s face it: they are not usually the comfiest of shoes to wear, right?  A typical workday of eight hours means your feet must stay comfortable for eight hours or more, so opt for low-heeled shoes with good arch support and a cushioned sole.

Depending on whether you work on your feet or at a desk, you may be able to stay comfortable in heels if you’re able to remain seated for most of your workday. However, a low heel is best if you want to avoid a long day of discomfort.  Check out Amber by Step on Air.

Foot-Loving Style Features

Many footwear brands in a variety of price points have incorporated comfortable features into their shoes. Platforms, wedges, chunky heels with a low heel height all give the added benefit of height and added cushion at the same time. Win-win.

This combination means that each step you take has a lighter impact on your foot, resulting in comfort without forgoing style. Camper is one of our most popular comfort shoes this season based off some of the latest European trends.

Don’t Underestimate Flats

Although you may think you need a bit of a heel to look stylish, don’t underestimate flats when it comes to fashion.

Flats are in style and many boots and flat dressy shoes look elegant, beautiful, and polished as a complement to your workday wardrobe.  Indeed by Inea is an excellent choice that blends comfort and style.

At ShoeLife, we have your feet covered – from fashionable flats to foot-loving style features, we marry style and comfort so you feel and look amazing all day at work.