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Vacations and holidays usually mean spending more time on your feet than an average day, making comfortable shoes an essential travel companion.

Here are 4 tips from our experts for how to pack and protect your shoes while travelling.


1 Soles to the wall

Most people pop their shoes heel to toe and then jam them up against the side of their luggage. An alternative is to pop your heels of the shoes towards the side wall which is less likely to cause damage when rubbing up against luggage or other shoes.  Parma wedges by Step on Air is a great choice for holiday travel taking you from shops to beach to the cocktail bar.


2 Travel in comfort

When in a car or on a plane for a long period of time feet can swell so being prepared with a pair of comfortable shoes is a must. Styles that easily slip on and off are handy for long trips as are those that are open or stretch.

Amigo II features an adjustable velcro strap which is ideal if your feet do change ize while travelling and they are easy to slip on and off as needed.


3 Sock Stuffers

To help your comfort shoes hold their shape while bouncing around in your luggage, gently fill them with your spare pairs of socks. Not only is this an effective space saver but also keeps your shoes protected for their journey.

Styles like Flavour by Step On Air are perfect to hold those spare socks in your luggage and their style is so versatile they work for a variety of climates and occasions.


4 Shower them with Goodness

Comfortable shoes worn all day long sightseeing can get a little damp and sweaty as well as carry the grime of the day. Disposable hotel shower caps come in super handy for wrapping shoes while protecting the rest of your luggage.

Styles like Karma look great for those sightseeing selfies and will keep you comfortable all day with its’ flexible rubber sole and memory foam sock.

These packing tips will be sure to help protect your comfortable shoes, so you can enjoy your trip without missing a beat due to sore feet.    


Buying your ladies comfort shoes online has never been easier so for more holiday styles, be sure to check out our comfort page below.

Bon voyage!