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Some days, you’re in a hurry to just get out of the house and get on with your day. However, when you don’t have that right pair of boots to wear with your outfit, it makes getting out of the house that much more difficult, frustrating and time-consuming.

Lifestyle Boots

Lifestyle boots are boots that you can wear during your average, everyday routine. Whether you’re going to pick up your kids from school, go shopping, run errands, or go out to dinner or lunch with friends or on a date, these great lifestyle boots will keep you ready for whatever life brings your way during the cooler months.

Black Ankle Boots Black can be matched with most everything and will never let you down. Hands down!

Black ankle boots, whether heeled or flat, are excellent when paired with jeans or dressed up with pants and a cute jacket. Heeled ankle boots look stylish and sexy when paired with a dress especially these classic leather ankle boots, Arrive from MG Footwear which will last you from season to season.

Coffee or Grey Mid-Calf Boots Sometimes neutral is the shade that is appropriate for the outfit and the occasion. 

Mid Calf Boots 

Coffee colour or grey mid-calf boots look beautiful when worn over jeans. Paired with your favourite cosy sweater, this combination is the ultimate relaxed weekend outfit.

A comfy pair of mid-calf boots with excellent cushion can mean that these may quickly become the boots you throw on when you need to get out the door quickly and be comfortable while running errands.

Halty in Latte is one of our fastest selling shoes this season.

Lace-Up Boots

Lace-up boots have a nostalgic feel to them, but they also look incredibly stylish. Paired with coloured leggings or jeans, lace-up boots can be dressed up or down and give an extra something special to any outfit in your wardrobe.

Karmilla by Step on Air comes in tan and black and is one of our most popular ladies comfort shoes. The addition of a little fur trim makes these a big hit this season.

Heeled Mid-Calf to Knee-Length Boots

If you want an extra something special and sexy in your boot collection, consider a heeled mid-calf or even a heeled over-the-knee boot if you’re feeling a little more daring.

Over-the-knee boots look beautiful with sweater dresses and can provide you with a little more warmth during the cooler months while you sport your favourite dresses.

Mid-calf heeled boots can be paired with anything from leggings, jeans, to dresses and can dress up jeans for a night out on the town. Halty in red is sure to make a statement!

Slouch Boots

Slouch boots, whether they have a heel or are flat, are a relaxed and stylish looking boot that will change up your wardrobe with just a touch.  Marg by Mago slouch boots are stylish and comfortable.  Sometimes the small details can completely change an overall look of an outfit – and slouch boots can do just that.

At ShoeLife, we have your feet covered – from ankle boots to ballet flats, we marry style and comfort so you’re ready to rock all of life’s occasions.