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5 Reasons to Shop Local for Your New Shoes


If you're looking to buy some new shoes this season, why not consider local? Opting to purchase from an Australian based online shoe store often means local support for staff, excellent product quality and excellent customer service. Shopping locally from Australian-owned businesses, such as Shoelife, has many benefits not only for you but for the wider community and economy. Here are the top five reasons why it's best to buy locally for your next pair of shoes. 


Supporting the Local Economy 

When you buy from a local, Australian-based business such as Shoelife, you're ensuring your well-spent money stays within the local economy. Local companies often support other local businesses within their community, which also boosts the local economy and encourages positive community spirit. 


Encouraging Vibrancy Within the Community 

Shopping for your shoes locally does not only help support business financially but also helps to create diversity and vibrancy within your local shopping districts. Shoelife have two physical stores within Sydney that each contributes to their districts character and surroundings. 


Personalised Service

As a local business, we hire local people. Meaning you get personalised service. We take pride in the service we offer at our Sydney-based stores. Even when shopping online, our friendly staff can help you find your perfect fit, colour or style. 


Simple Returns If Things Aren't Right 

Products bought online from overseas retailers can sometimes be a hassle to return or exchange, especially under the current global circumstances. Luckily, that isn't the case with a local business! Here at Shoelife, we are happy to assist you in returning or exchanging your unworn shoes if they aren't right for you.


We’ve Done the Travelling for You

Our business may be local, but we still appreciate the quality of materials from overseas. For example, the Mago Brand is inspired by European fashion. The first time you put on a pair of Mago shoes, you will feel like you have stepped out onto the cobblestoned streets of Italy. Made from beautiful Turkish leather, this range truly is a collaboration between comfort and style.


Whether online or in-store at one of our Sydney locations, we are here to help you discover the perfect pair of comfort shoes for any occasion over at Australia's leading ladies online shoe store – ShoeLife.