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It is the time of year when there is a party every week, which often require you to wear evening shoes or formal shoes. Unfortunately, a lot of the time when we wear this type of footwear we go home with sore feet and blisters created by shoes that pinch, bind, and hold our feet in unnatural positions.

We’re here with 5 tips to help keep your feet comfortable this party season.

1 Well grounded

Block heels are a great way to keep you feeling sturdy and relaxed on your feet at your formal function. Add a splash of metallic with our Anka by Clarice range which features mid heel comfortable evening shoes in silver, gold and rose gold to dress up any evening outfit.

2 A hint of sparkle

Flat shoes don’t have to lack glamour. One of our best sellers is our flat evening shoe, Maree by Clarice which is ultra-feminine and stylish. It even looks great with jeans after the party season is over. Jeweled and diamante slides also make a great alternative to your traditional evening shoes

3 Go mid-way

Once upon a time there was only flat and high heel options for evening and formal shoes but many of the Clarice styles give you a little heel lift. One of our new arrivals, Chez not only gives the mid heel height but the added comfort of a wraparound peep toe style avoiding those fine straps that can sometimes be problematic.

4 Do your warm ups

Pop on a pair of thin socks and wear your evening shoes for 5 minutes at a time around the house prior to your event for a week or so. These 5-minute warm ups help your shoes mold to the shape of your feet while not having time to pinch or create blisters.  The satin finish of Ardia by Clarice is a popular choice and highly versatile in a range of colours including mushroom, pewter, navy and gold.

5 Make your bed comfy

Look for a cushioned foot bed that can help you avoid that burning feeling when on your toes too long. Our Step on Air range comes with cushioned foot beds as standard to keep you dancing all night long.

Consider these tips when buying shoes online from ShoeLife so you look and feel great this party season. Best wishes!