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Some say the way we accessorise says more about us than the way we dress; contributing to the first impressions we give. On a deeper level, the jewelry we wear is often sentimental to us, wedding rings, family heirlooms, religious pendants – all speak louder than our most recent clothing haul.

There is an art to accessorising, and our style editors are going to show you how!


If in Doubt Belt It Out!


Belts can change an outfit from being bulky and baggy, to flattering and stylish. Adding a belt to a skirt, dress or oversized shirt can cinch in your waist and break up your silhouette. Where you put your belt depends on your waistline:


  • Short waist – wear lower than your waistline
  • Long waist – wear higher than your waistline


For a polished everyday outfit, pair the Afraid comfort sandal in black or stone with an oversized linen shirt, thick belt, large hat and sunglasses.


Find Some Fabulous Jewelry


You can't go wrong with adding jewelry to give your outfit a little something-special. It is a great idea to start collecting timeless pieces, that can be worn for years to come when looked after properly. Remember, you don't have to spend an arm-and-a leg on Swarovski bracelets or diamond earrings. Our style editors suggest finding unique pieces in:


  • Op-shops
  • Physical or online markets
  • Antique fairs


Pair the Step on Air Spots comfort sandal in white and tan with a t-shirt and midi skirt. Accessorise with a few necklaces of different lengths, some bangles, and large sunglasses to look more fashion-forward. This way, you’ll will be creating an outfit that is ready for daytime shopping or brunch with girlfriends.


Get That Bag Collection Going!


Instead of opting for the same worn-out bag with every outfit, switch them up a little! Play with bags of different strap lengths, shapes, styles and colours; these can dramatically change the focus of your outfit. When it comes to bags, people often match their bag colour to their shoe colour to stick with the 'one neutral only' rule.


Pair the Aleesha heeled comfort sandal in black with a large clutch bag, free-flowing dress and statement rings for an evening look perfect for going out to dinner with friends or for daytime social occasions.


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