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Minimalism is an ever-growing trend; we've seen the rise of Marie Kondo and her Netflix series that began a cult-like following of wannabe minimalists alongside many other documentaries and books that followed. So, after being inspired at 10pm on a Friday, you've spilt your wardrobe onto the bedroom floor; instantly regretted it because you can't decide if a green sweater you brought five years ago still 'sparks joy.'

After enduring a few trips to your local Op Shop to donate your unwanted goods, it's now time to look into purchasing items that can create multiple outfits with ease. Luckily our Style Editors have hand-picked our top ladies comfort shoes that you can seamlessly pair with any outfit and that you're sure to hold onto for years to come.


Poppy by Mago

Tip one, invest in well-made basics. Made with quality genuine leatherPoppy by Mago is made with premium materials. Minimalism is all about making things last, and with the right care, this stunning wedge sandal can see you through multiple outfits. Opt for the classic, crisp white, to keep a consistent palette of neutrals with a few accent colours.

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Silvie by Step on Air

Tip two, buy for today, not for tomorrow. Forget about purchasing those bright pink glittery mules that might go with something one day. Purchase items that you already have an occasion for, like work, for example. Silvie by Step On Air is a classic wedge sandal with a comfort foot-bed to make yourself at ease during workday. The simple design makes them easy to style with any business attire, and so comfortable you won't want to take them off.

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Differ by Step on Air

Tip three, buy timeless, not trendy. It's easy to get caught up in the latest trend, but if you are trying to be a minimalist it's best to stick to timeless pieces like Differ by Step on Air. This comfort sandal will complete any minimalists wardrobe. Pair Differ with anything and get creative! The complimenting colour combination makes them easy to style just pair with your staple leather bag, and you are ready to go.

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