Posted on by Lee Morgan

So you’ve taken a job working in a cafe restaurant or bar and the shoes you thought would be ideal suddenly just aren’t up for the task. A full shift often means sore feet and a headache.  Finding the right shoes that keep your feet comfortable all day long can make a shift so much more pleasant and allow you to bring your A-game when serving customers.

The problem is that most of the comfort shoes are clunky and unstylish – resembling something more like what your grandmother would wear.

In recent years, Step on Air has become a go-to brand for cafe, bar and wait staff. They have managed to bridge the style and comfort equation, keeping your feet comfortable and meeting safety requirements and best of all they won’t set you back hundreds of dollars either. Their comfort technology, unique designs and affordable prices have seen them sell over 500,000 pairs in Australia.

So, what should you look for in finding the best shoes for working in hospitality? 

Latex cushioned footbed

The latex cushion footbed is what provides padding under your feet to soften the impact as your feet meet the ground. It helps to prevent that burning feeling in the balls of your feet at the end of the day and moulds to your foot for long-lasting comfort.

Comfort sole

It may sound obvious, but a good flat cushioned sole goes a long way to help keep your feet happy. A comfort sole should have the appropriate level of softness and cushioning as well as bend and move with your feet.

Camper by Step on Air is loved by hospitality workers thanks to its stylish appearance and cushioned footbed.

Block heels

In more dressed-up environments, you may need to wear high heels so which ones can you choose that won’t leave you in burning pain? A mid-height block heel is right on trend this season giving you an elegant silhouette as well as all the sturdiness and comfort.

Desk by Step on Air is a classic work shoe that never goes out of style.

Leather or soft PU uppers

Closed shoes are an essential option but picking a good leather or PU upper can soften around your feet to provide gentle comfort all shift long. It is not unusual for feet to retain excess fluid or swell so shoes that adjust with your feet will be welcomed by the end of the day.

Olinda by MG Footwear is super soft and comfortable and a more contemporary option for those on their feet all day.

Step on Air shoes come in many styles and colours and are extremely affordable. The most comprehensive range of shoes for café, bar and wait staff can be found at the ShoeLife online shoe store. Visit to see the range.