Posted on by Lee Morgan

Many occupations require a full day on your feet and ill-fitting footwear can make the time feel like an eternity. Hospitality, retail and teaching are just some of the industries that often require significant amounts of time on the move. Wearing comfortable shoes can make those days feel like a breeze, knowing that no matter where your day takes you, your feet are supported.

Ladies comfort shoes used to be sensible but lacking in looks. Recently brands like Step on Air have designed shoes that strike that perfect balance between style and comfort and brought them to the Australian market. This has seen them gain popularity in the ladies comfort shoe market. Thanks to their technology and style over 500,000 pairs have been sold to date.

So, what are the best footwear when you’re on the go all day? And, what should you look for to determine whether a shoe meets the comfort requirements? 

Latex cushioned footbed

The latex cushion footbed is what provides padding under your feet to soften the impact as your feet hits the ground. It helps to prevent that sore burning feeling in the balls of your feet at the end of the day and moulds to your foot for long lasting comfort.

Check out Merit by Step On Air which is already proving popular this Autumn!

 Adjustable straps

When on your feet all day, it is not unusual for feet to retain more fluid than normal. When this happens, tight straps can become painful. Look for a ladies comfortable flats and heels with adjustable straps that that can adjust to the changing needs of your feet throughout the workday.

New Avery sandals by Step on Air are one of our most popular sandals and the adjustable strap means they are just right no matter that time of day.

Block heels at the right height

Block heel comfort shoes provide added stability to your feet which means the muscles and ligaments in your feet and legs don’t have to work as hard as they would in more unstable styles. Comfortable high heels allow you to feel dressed up without the pain stilettos can bring to a full workday. 

Evolve by Step on Air comes in nude, camel and black and is great for workdays on your feet!

Step on Air shoes come in many styles and colours and are extremely affordable. The most comprehensive range of ladies comfort shoes can be found at the ShoeLife online shoe store. Visit to see the range.