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During isolation, we are spending a lot more time at home. This additional time may mean that you are finally getting the chance to do some home improvements, DIY projects, or reassessing your storage options. Why not take this opportunity to sort out that cupboard that is piled high with shoes? So much so, that you only ever wear the pairs visible as you dread the thought of your 'shoe-Jenga-pile' toppling over.


Here are a few handy tips and tricks for storing your shoes to keep them in their best condition and accessible to you at all times.


Floating Shelves

Some comfort shoes are just too lovely to keep in their boxes, like the beautiful Sling heel by Clarice. With a classy, strappy style and block heel, this shoe is perfect for formal occasions in the summer months. But in the meantime, how should you store these shoes?  


Why not create a feature shoe library, with floating shelves. Make choosing your comfort shoes a delight, not a chore. Displaying your comfort shoes on floating shelves will give your home that boutique shoe-shop feel. Their stunning satin material and braided detailing add a unique element to this pretty evening shoe but be sure to dust the shelves regularly as dust can build on and damage such materials.


Tension Rods

Tension rods are great for storing footwear, especially comfort boots like Eskimo by Step on Air as they don't always fit into some of the more conventional shoe storage systems. Tension rods are an easy and affordable shoe storage solution, and the rods can be installed in a flash and removed when no longer needed. These are a great way to get your boots off the wardrobe floor this season – and stacked vertically to optimize your storage space.


Over-the-Door Shoe Hangers

An oldie but a goodie, over-the-door shoe hangers remain popular for a reason. They turn an otherwise ordinary door into the ultimate shoe storage solution in a matter of minutes. This solution is great for renters, as it requires no drilling or creating holes in walls. These hangers are also easy to remove and take with you. Flat comfort footwear like Ziggy by Step on Air work best in this storage solution and they are super lightweight. Ziggy comes in three, on-trend, pastel colours to help complete a relaxed, casual look when paired with your favourite jeans.


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