Over 10 years ago in a small studio in Annandale, a team of passionate shoe lovers questioned why stylish shoes always seemed to be uncomfortable. 

Women’s number one complaint was that their shoes hurt under the balls of their feet so the team looked at ways this pain could be alleviated.  They found new technologies, experimented, tested and sought feedback on a variety of materials before landing on the popular latex footbed. The very same technology used in Step On Air Shoes today. 

The next challenge was how to create the style that comfort shoes of the era lacked. They commissioned a team of local and overseas designers armed with the challenge to make stylish comfort shoes and the Step On Air brand was created. 

Step on Air shoes now incorporate an extra comfortable high-density latex footbed that moulds to the shape of the foot. This is wrapped or overlaid with premium leathers to provide lasting comfort. 

The challenge of blending style and comfort was achieved with over 400,000 pairs sold to date.